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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Its not really easy to forget what you are doing toward me :)

Ya babe, its not really easy to forget what you wera doing toward me. Its hurt. Its all my fault. I cant accept you for the main reason. But now, im realize i really love you. But, its quiet late. Im late for a day. A DAY. What the hell man. Im crying for you, everyday. Im remember what you were doing when we were together. But, we were not a coule that time, just friend. But the way you treat me, showed how much you love me. Its all my fault. I dont accept you. Three times a month. Arrhh, i hope you know, how much i regret that i dont accept you in my life. Damn it! I hate myself. Its fucking damn things happen in my life now. I hope i cant back to past. Back to you, to my panda. Hmm, its hurt. Iloveyou. Its not really easy to forget you, forget my pass. Imissyou. Im gonna crying now. Just wanna you happy in life. You are happy, and so do i. :')

Broken english,
joe <3

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